Design your apps for multiple platforms using an interactive design panel.


Develop your apps in no time using the pre-built frameworks in Cantiz AppWeaver.

Integrate & Deploy

Prebuilt adapter enables you to connect and run your mobile apps in any infrastructure.


Update your apps easily and avoid all the hassles involved in updating an app in App Store or Play store.

Why you should use Cantiz AppWeaver for building your mobile apps?

Time and Money

Application development is often quite complex, costly & time consuming. With Cantiz AppWeaver, remove the complexity of building a mobile application and save time and money spent in the process.

One Build. Many Devices

Create your applications on our powerful IDE and use it across different platforms.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage the entire life cycle of devices efficiently with a proper user to device mapping. Using Cantiz AppWeaver you can perform various activities including user access distribution, app-level management for BYOD and supporting use cases such as kiosk or shared devices.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Application management and life cycle management made simple through segregation of static and dynamic components of the apps. Manage application version and its distribution from the backend that provides well defined version management, delta synchronization and controlled distribution.

Security and Integrity

Advanced security features like end-to-end data encryption, offline data security, remote data wipe for Data Loss Prevention (DLP), secure user credentials handling through oAuth and secure communication through SSL safeguards the integrity of data.

Usage and Performance Analysis

Be informed on the device performance, readings and the trends they trail by connecting your enterprise applications to Cantiz Nucleus IoT platform. Monitor the energy demand and periodic patterns that drive the ecosystem. Get alerted on anomalous events and deviations so as to take timely decisions.

Internet of Things

Connect your mobile applications to our powerful Cantiz IoT platform to draw analytical insights on its usage and performance.

Featured Apps


Start building amazing apps using Cantiz AppWeaver

Cantiz IDE

Learn how to design and configure your apps effortlessly with Cantiz AppWeaver. Play with the interactive IDE to start the process of building your apps.

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CAN Framework

Explore our natively built library and its built-in functionalities to develop apps with minimum effort.

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Go paperless, Go digital

Shift to digital forms and replace paper forms to adopt a more organized way of capturing data

Your paper forms can be made paperless with Cantiz AppWeaver to digitally transform the way you do your business.


Generate job reports and share them as PDF document.

Time Sheets

Track the work hours and calculate wages based on that.

Job Card

Create Job cards with simple drag and drop.


Track expenses by entering the expense details. Capture photos of the receipt to provide
proof of spending.

Quotes and Invoice

Generate quotes and invoice share it as a PDF document

GPS Tracking

With integrated GPS, track the real time locations of your assets, employees etc.

Job Scheduler

Simply drag and drop to schedule and allocate jobs.

Payment Gateway

Integrated payment gateway lets you easily collect payment from credit card or debit card.

Navigation and Notification

Navigate to the job location and get real time notification on the job status.

Mobile form features

QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes of employee profile or job details which can be shared across.

Line Graph and Pie Chart

View reports as line, bar graph or pie chart.

Input Text Validation

Validate text inputs like passwords or name in the form.


Use the integrated maps in your apps for navigation.

Search Bar

Drag and drop search bars in your forms.


Add multiple tabs in a single screen.


Add timer in your application.

Bar Code Scanner

Scan bar codes of assets or other goods.


Write down important notes from the meetings or from job locations.

On-screen Signature

Sign the documents or job cards.


Capture photos and share it from the app.

Voice Recording

Record videos from the job sites.

Mobile Library

Create a library in the app to provide guidance and training materials.


Add drawings in the forms.

Add Documents

Add drawings in the forms.

Hamburger Menu

Add hamburger menus and fields for your documents.